Brokers and Trading Services

Services facilitating the trading and settlement of ACCUs, CERs, VERs, Renewable Energy Certificates or environmental products. 

Carbon Asset Management and Technology Providers

Services assisting companies to identify opportunities for carbon reduction; develop policies to lower an entities' carbon footprint; or organisations that develop and provide energy efficiency services and/or technologies or environmental trading software.

Education and Research

Companies or non-profit organisations offering training, development and research services for the carbon market sector.  

Financial Services

Providers of various financial services to project developers or to an organisation to fund carbon abatement activities. 

HR Services

Recruitment and specialist human resource services for the carbon market. 

Legal Services

Management of contractual relationships involved in carbon trading, the Carbon Farming Initiative and other emissions schemes. 

Monitoring, Reporting & Verification Services

Services to measure and report on the carbon liability of entities; or services certifying emission reductions generated by abatement projects. 

Offset Providers and Retailers

Companies who fund, purchase or on-sell accredited units. 

Project Developers

Company experienced in identifying, developing, aggregating and administering carbon sequestration or emissions avoidance projects.

In particular, companies in this category have experience in the Carbon Farming Initiative and or Clean Development Mechanism projects.